ANBI status Brabantsedag

ANBI-status Brabantsedag.

The tax authorities consider the Brabantsedag Foundation to be a non-profit organization (ANBI). This means, among other things, that the Foundation must make a number of details public via its website. Some of these data are already included as standard on the website. The missing data are included in this document.

  • The Legal Entities and Partnerships Information Number or tax number of the Foundation is: 46.70.607.
  • The Brabantsedag Heeze Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings various forms of art and cultural expressions that meet certain criteria to the widest possible audience. The board recognizes the social importance of the Brabantsedag as a binding agent within the community of Heeze-Leende and recognizes the responsibility that this entails.
  • Main lines of the policy plan:

    The entire festival must meet six criteria. These criteria focus on the following aspects:
    - artistic / artistic
    - high quality / above average level
    - Astonishing / captivating
    - Different from other / distinctive from other festivals in Southeast Brabant
    - contemporary / developing / groundbreaking
    - innovative / original
    Each program component must meet at least three of these criteria. A prerequisite for all program components is that they must be presented in a professional manner. The different parts together must lead to a balanced program.
    The most important criteria for continuity and positioning in the market are:
    - Being distinctive and delivering quality,
    - in development and innovation over the years.

  • The board members do not receive any financial reward for their work. Reimbursement of expenses incurred is only on the basis of supporting documents to be submitted.

  • Activities Brabant Day 2017:
    Especially for this anniversary year a festive theme was chosen: Parade of Vermaeck. During the highlight of the Brabant Day on the last Sunday of August, the 16 car building groups formed a vermaeck Parade. Each group gave its own twist to what entertainment is and can be, with subjects from the cultural history of the Duchy of Brabant. The condition was that the subject dated from before 1957. From amusement to gloating, from popular entertainment to eerie pleasure, from uninhibited joys to fun for new technologies, from variety to pleasant relaxation: in the procession of 16 groups, every form of entertainment passed by.
    During the 9-day culture festival, a wide range of art, street theater, music, cabaret and entertainment was presented. With exhibitions, concerts and theater performances for all ages. There was an art market and a catering square where regional products were sold.

Brabantsedag budget and operation - 2016


Since 2016, the Brabantsedag has been a successor to its Commission of Recommendation. With the Advisory and Recommendation Board new knowledge and experience has been brought in to critically think and advise on the future of the event.

In addition to giving advice, the Council was also established to open doors to important networks and organizations in the province of Noord-Brabant for new developments. In this way, the Brabantsedag Foundation hopes to bind new partners and sponsors to the event and to strengthen ties with existing ones.

The Council consists of these five persons: Jack Mikkers (mayor of 's-Hertogenbosch), Harrie Timmermans (municipal secretary Heusden and chairman of the PSV supporters' association), Edzo Doeve (general director of the DELA cooperative and member of the board of Promoters Van Abbemuseum), Ronald Lamé (Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding) and, on behalf of the car manufacturers, Léon van Aubel (senior manager of BDO Advisory).

"As an advisor and as a bridge builder between the event and organizations, I am happy to contribute, both inside and outside the region. I think that with the establishment of the Council of Advice and Recommendations, we are taking a good step towards the future of the Brabantsedag", says Edzo Doeve.