The Brabantsedag Foundation has a board with a wide range of expertise. Each board member has his or her own workgroup with fantastic, often anonymous volunteers who together give shape to the set-up and conditions of the Brabantsedag.

The Brabantsedag also has a Board of Advice and Recommendation.

For general contact with the foundation board, you can use the central contact details. Click here for those details.

The tax authorities consider the Brabantsedag Foundation to be a non-profit organizaton (ANBI).

Boukje van Ettro-Gijsberts

Joost Pellens


Hans Gijsbers


 Renno Guitjens

Coordination Sponsors

Petra van Gerwen

Coordination Programming

Frank van Lierop

Coordination Parade

Guus Berkers

Coordination of Facilities | Company safety | Permits

Harald van Schie

Coordination Marketing & PR
Ivonne van Eerd

Coordination Hospitality industry


Since 2016, the Brabantsedag has been a successor to its Commission of Recommendation. With the Advisory and Recommendation Board new knowledge and experience has been brought in to critically think and advise on the future of the event.

In addition to giving advice, the Council was also established to open doors to important networks and organizations in the province of Noord-Brabant for new developments. In this way, the Brabantsedag Foundation hopes to bind new partners and sponsors to the event and to strengthen ties with existing ones.

The Council consists of these five persons: Jack Mikkers (mayor of 's-Hertogenbosch), Harrie Timmermans (municipal secretary Heusden), Edzo Doeve (general director of the DELA cooperative and member of the board of Promoters Van Abbemuseum), Ronald Lamé (Commissaris Van Leeuwen Buizen groep en voorzitter RvC Wessem Holding) and, on behalf of the builders, Michiel van der Heijden (projectmanager Legitiem bv).

"As an advisor and as a bridge builder between the event and organizations, I am happy to contribute, both inside and outside the region. I think that with the establishment of the Council of Advice and Recommendations, we are taking a good step towards the future of the Brabantsedag", says Edzo Doeve.