Vacancy central buyer

A wonderful budget is smiling at you. It's up to you, as central buyer, to make the best possible use of it in order to provide the Brabantsedag Foundation with everything it needs to make the last Sunday in August a fantastic experience.

With two fellow buyers, you are responsible for organizing the entire central procurement of the Brabantsedag Foundation. You will start the Brabantsedag season by enquiring about the needs of the various working groups. Based on this, you will request various quotes and in the quotes, you will search for the most favourable purchasing conditions for Stichting Brabantsedag. If you have a great deal, then it's time to make final arrangements with the suppliers and so you have an important contribution to the coziest day of year on the last Sunday in August.

As a central buyer, you have several skills: you have administrative skills, commercial insights and you can communicate well and clearly. You like to work together with your two fellow buyers. You will make agreements about the division of tasks between yourselves. Where your talent or interest lies, together you can make it a great job.

As a central buyer, you are part of the Facilities, Safety and Permits working group. This working group meets about once a month in Heeze, and more often in the run-up to the Brabantsedag.


The Brabantsedag is completed by volunteers. Team pride, satisfaction, returning visitors and the big smiles on the last Sunday in August are our 'salary'. If you are also active during that day, then we will of course provide a snack and a drink.


Is this volunteer position something for you or do you have questions? Then have a pleasant conversation with board member Guus Berkers of the working group Facility, Safety and Permits. Contact Secretariat Brabantsedag, ( or 040 226 3139), and mention: vacancy central buyer.