Vacancy Sponsor committee

The sponsorship committee is looking for enthusiastic volunteers, who have a warm heart for the Brabantsedag and can spread the word to potential partners and (main) sponsors.

About the sponsorship committee

The sponsorship committee is one of the committees that is part of the Brabantsedag Foundation. The committee is concerned with, among other things, generating financial resources, developing compensations for sponsors and maintaining and expanding relationships in both the administrative and commercial areas.

For this purpose we are looking for an energetic volunteer with the following profile:

  • You have knowledge of and enthusiasm for the Brabantsedag.
  • You have an eye for the position of companies and organizations in the context of social entrepreneurship.
  • You will easily make contacts with companies and institutions.
  • You have a feeling for the mutual interest of companies/institutions and the Brabantsedag Foundation.
  • You have a network outside Heeze or you can develop it to promote the Brabantsedag and generate financial support.

Furthermore, you have the following characteristics:

  • You can work well together.
  • You have persuasiveness.
  • You have good empathy.
  • You have integrity.

Time tax

Two to four hours a week. The committee meets every 2nd Thursday of the month from 8pm to 10pm. Visiting companies and institutions is often during office 


Is this volunteer function something for you? Please contact (Secretary Brabantsedag), mentioning: vacancy sponsorship committee.

Phone number: 040 - 226 3139
Postal address: Stichting Brabantsedag, Postbus 72, 5590 AB Heeze

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