Theater Gemeentehuistuin

Villa Twisted

In Villa Verdraaid theater and circus come together in a magical family show. This show revolves around a brother and sister who experience fantastic adventures with hoops, dancing tables, flying hats where gravity is defied.

François Blanc

François Blanc is a puppet inspired by French boulevard painters. Talking in an unintelligible French dialect, he works on portraits of passers-by. Steven Luca presents a masterful combination of puppetry, street theater and interaction with the audience.

The Clay Workshop

Come and cozy up at the tables and give your imagination free rein. At the traveling Clay Atelier everyone can make beautiful clay figures with clay, paint and tools. Everyone can do magic with their hands!

Trio Ristretto

A troubadour from Brabant who forms a trio with two other musicians and together they play Italian songs. Together they make a musical Italian comedy.


Ambiance is a music group that performs both instrumental and vocal songs. The nice atmosphere of the group immediately strikes a chord with the audience. Singing along and dancing is allowed! The repertoire includes Gerard van Maasakkers, Fungus, French bourrees, polkas, and other dances.

Handsome Poets

For ten years the Handsome Poets have been performing together. For ten years they have been making hits and still they are the nicest and most pleasant band of Holland. This positivity radiates from their music and songs.


Aventurado means adventurous. The Eindhoven samba band Aventurado guarantees a boost for the parade.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane is a rocking 4-man formation that brings a tribute to Alanis Morissette's groundbreaking album 'Jagged little pill' from 1995.