Entertainment for yound and old

Children's afternoon

Saturday 24 August

14.00 - 17.00 hours

While dads, moms, grandparents, uncles and aunts are putting the finishing touches to the rolling floats, the children are enjoying themselves in the Gemeentehuistuin.

Of course, they can climb poles, bake bread, do carpentry, make-up and crafts with the Rabobank. Also the surprise stall of Intertoys, the lemonade fountain, ice creams and steam engines are here for an afternoon full of fun!

Art market

Saturday 24 August, 14.00 - 18.00 hrs.

A nice selection of visual art on the Gemeentehuisplein pairs with equally beautiful music and other performances in the Gemeentehuistuin.

You will listen to The Flavorics, a young formation of old musicians, with English and especially Spanish songs in rumba and Tex-Mex but also Cuban and Colombian sounds, among others.

This is interspersed with the wilful, poetic pop of singer-songwriter Iris Penning, who previously enchanted Paradiso and Oerol, among others, and released three highly acclaimed albums.

There is also fine theatre by famous clown Arno Huibers who, together with music virtuoso Paul van der Heijden, plays De Verkleedkoffer: a cheerful and interactive youth/family theatre performance.

Show Your Hope is a mobile & global exhibition and continuous story theatre about 'Hope'. Martin Voorbij from Eindhoven collected the many paintings made by artists all over the world.

Stick Stok by TeaTime Company is a combination of nationalities, disciplines, lengths and shoe sizes. Together this results in a pleasant mix of dance and circus, with a dose of Chinese pole and juggling.

Builder's party

Saturday 24 August from 20.00 hrs.

Before Heeze fills up with tens of thousands of guests again, we'll be amongst ourselves for a while, with the traditional party.

Handsome Willy and the Leftovers opens the ball. The eight-headed cover band has been doing very well at parties for fourteen years now, with their touch of rock, blues and soul from the sixties to the present.

Patatje (Chips) Metal can be described in one word: PARTY! Musicians Rammstein Shaffy, Nico Haat, Het Beest and Father Macabraham and foreman Marco Borsatan present Dutch pop classics with a sauce of metal and fuss.