Garden party on the Saturday before the parade

Garden Party: Continuous program for young and old Saturday evening, August 24, we're hosting the Garden Party in the town hall garden in Heeze. A delightful afternoon and evening filled with fun and the best music! Warm up for the Brabantsedag, the next day!

Of course, we've arranged a fantastic program. Including:

Clown Arno Huibers, enriching clown theater with subtle, poetic humor for over three decades, globally praised for his unique style.Desiree Hornikx with a suitcase full of exciting and funny stories. Sit down, listen, laugh, and shiver...
Circus Factory offers a fast-paced and no-nonsense circus program where everyone gets a chance to shine! Discover new circus skills guided by our professional instructors. Young and old showcase their talents with circus music resonating through the ring.
The Sand Writer Skryf, driving his own creation, leaves a trail of sand letters, ephemeral and enchanting. From a single word to an epic, his art slowly disappears, like sand slipping through fingers, perfectly fitting this year's theme 'Closer to Brabant'.
Aerdrijk also joins us: Passionate, original, and cheerful, their musicians know how to transform any event into a vibrant experience. With their profound experience, they intuitively connect with guests and add a musical twist.
The Charlatan can't be missed. This wandering musician lives up to his name with cozy Dutch and English hits, often surprising with humor, observations, or witty remarks.

Today's highlight are the Hippe Gasten: Rock for Kids. At 5:45 PM on the main stage, they deliver serious rock music for children without patronizing. With roaring guitars and pumping drums, their performance is ideal for families looking to enjoy a genuine pop concert together. From Dutch festivals to theaters in China, their music resonates globally, offering interactive shows that even include crowd surfing - an experience not to be missed!

Look forward to encountering Ramon Wolf, a wordsmith and MC in Drum and Bass as Wolf Pax, who released 'Eigen Tempo' in 2022 and 'Openlijk Dicht' in 2023, exploring his own sound and working towards an album driven by self-belief and collaboration.

Next up is Mary Jane: This rocking and energetic 4-piece band plays the finest pop/rock hits from the past 30 years, delivering stellar performances. We'll close with Allissa May, the best singer in the Netherlands. She brings her unique blend of power rock and pop live on stage. Experience her captivating story and impressive voice in a unique performance that will touch your soul.

Theater Gemeentehuistuin

Children's afternoon

Saturday 24 August

14.00 - 17.00 hours

While dads, moms, grandparents, uncles and aunts are putting the finishing touches to the rolling floats, the children are enjoying themselves in the municipal garden.

Of course, they can climb poles, bake bread, do carpentry, make-up and crafts. Also the surprise stall, the lemonade fountain, ice creams and steam engines are here for an afternoon full of fun!