Brabantsedag photo contest

That the Brabantsedag is a photogenic event is obvious: There are thousands of pictures of the largest theater parade of the year. The Brabantsedag Foundation has its own photo team that captures the necessary moments on film, but also the audience that comes to watch the parade on the last Sunday of August likes to indulge in making a beautiful picture.

The Brabantsedag foundation is very curious about all those beautiful pictures from the public so this year we are organizing a Brabantsedag photo contest. After the Brabantsedag, this year on Sunday, August 28, send your best picture using the form below.

Deadline for this is September 16, 2022. The photos will then be judged by two professional photographers, Astrid Huis and Rob Engelaar.

Astrid Huis is a freelance photographer from Heeze and specializes in portrait photography and documentary photo series. She mentions among others the series Ontheemd (Displaced) about Poles in the Netherlands and Dorpje aan de rivier (Village by the River) in which elderly people play a leading role. She portrays both known and unknown people. Several newspapers including Trouw, ED, FD, NRC, Antenne Kempenhaeghe, Vakblad C, RTL News, De Wereld draait door and more showed work by her.

Rob Engelaar is also a freelance photojournalist based in Mierlo, Brabant. He works as a photographer for ANP and other media. Besides photographing, Rob is also a regular reader, picture editor and has been a guest judge in the popular TV program Het Perfecte Plaatje. Rob has won several awards at the Canon Silver Camera.

After the judging, Stichting Brabantsedag will announce which photos are the most special, beautiful, photogenic, unique, recognizable and/or impressive. The three winners will receive a dinner voucher for 50 euros at Tapperij de Zwaan in Heeze, the birthplace of the Brabantsedag.

It is important to note that no one is allowed to enter the parade route, not even photographers. This is only permitted to a number of our own Brabantsedag photographers, recognizable by their Brabantsedag attire. To ensure the safety of the acting float builders in the parade and the watching public, it is therefore not allowed to set foot on the parade route, not even to take that one beautiful picture.


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I hereby submit my photo(s). Stichting Brabantsedag can use these photos free of rights for promotional purposes