Brabantsedag photo contest

That the Brabantsedag is a photogenic event, that is quite clear: Thousands of photos can be found of the largest theater parade of the year. The Brabantsedag Foundation has its own photo team annually, capturing the necessary moments on camera, but also the audience that comes to watch on the last Sunday of August enjoys taking beautiful shots.

Will you take a beautiful photo of the Brabantsedag?

- Share it on social media with #Brabantsedag
- Also, submit it via the form below.

Who knows, you might win tickets for the 65th Brabantsedag on Sunday, August 25, 2024.

It is important to note that no one is allowed to enter the parade route, not even photographers. This is only permitted to a number of our own Brabantsedag photographers, recognizable by their Brabantsedag attire. To ensure the safety of the acting float builders in the parade and the watching public, it is therefore not allowed to set foot on the parade route, not even to take that one beautiful picture.


maximum 10mb

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Hierbij stuur ik mijn foto(s) in. Stichting Brabantsedag mag deze foto's rechtenvrij gebruiken voor promotionele doeleinden