WagenbouwersFM: radio for the builders!

Brabantsedag Heeze and WagenbouwersFM have been working vitamins for the last four years.

WagenbouwersFM is an initiative of Koen van der Vorst, a real radio fanatic. You (re)know his professional voice, because he invariably speaks in the Brabantsedag-commercials. He has - of course! - You can listen to WagenbouwersFM again on 103.3 FM from 19 to 25 August, via the internet (www.wagenbouwersfm.nl) and via the free WagenbouwersFM app (in your app store).

Well filled

The playlist of WagenbouwersFM is compiled by the carbuilder groups that are building their car and can use some inspiring and cozy music to complete their spectacle pieces. But also for non-vehicle builders, the station is 'just cosy' and filled with fine music, information and facts about the Brabantsedag.

This year's DJs are Tom Keijzer, Ivo van Kemenade, Ruud Leijsen, Ivar Mrofcynski, Jeroen Roelofs, Jimmy Strauven and Koen van der Vorst himself. They will broadcast from a central location in Heeze; which one that is will be announced by the radio makers via HeezeLeende24. The daily Brabantsedag television show by absurdist Berry Knapen will most probably also be broadcast via various media.


Would you also like to contribute to WagenbouwersFM, as a new DJ talent? Are you addicted to music, do you have a good chat and affinity with Heeze and the Brabantsedag? Check out the application form on wagenbouwersfm.nl. You'll also find the latest news there, so keep an eye on them, those guys from WagenbouwersFM!

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