Jubilee groups Brabantsedag ready for the future

This year no less than three groups celebrate an anniversary at the Brabantsedag. Vriendenkring de Laarstukken and Vriendenkring De Rijten are participating for the fortieth time, Ge Wit 'T Oit Noit Nie is celebrating its 25th participation in the parade.

Vriendenkring De Laarstukken

De Laarstukken is taking part in the parade for the fortieth time and has been building the Hendse Driessen for years now. The group started as a neighbourhood association but now has members from Heeze, Geldrop and Eindhoven. The most important thing is the conviviality and togetherness, in which we work together towards a common goal. De Laarstukken also says that it is a circle of friends for young and old.

With their car, De Laarstukken shows that they are thinking about the future. The wagon depicts Cuijk's wolf hunt, while the wolf is welcomed with open arms in the Netherlands. It will be ensured that Dutch nature (and perhaps also the Strabrechtse Heide) will remain a beautiful habitat for the wolf in the future.

De Laarstukken also wants to be a stable group for future generations. They do this by 'borrowing' elements from nature. In consultation with forester Mari de Bijl, the car builder's group uses real Brabant natural elements that will regain their place in nature after the parade. They are advised by Marcel van Dijk van Oogenlust in Eersel to make the connection between nature and tight forms. In this way, De Laarstukken makes the connection between creativity, sustainability and sustainable building, all focused on the future.

Vriendenkring De Rijten

De Rijten is also celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The group originated from the neighbourhood association Emmerikstraat/Pastoor van der Voortlaan, and in 1980 the name was changed to Vriendenkring De Rijten, after the name of a piece of land in the neighbourhood. Later the building site moved to the Poortmannen, but there are still participants from the first hour involved in the circle of friends.

To celebrate the anniversary, De Rijten organised a holiday for all members, with a fun afternoon activity in 's-Hertogenbosch, followed by a Rijten party into the late hours. At the members' meeting, a nice atmospheric compilation was made of forty years of De Rijten and the group designed a special jubilee shirt, divided into three shirts with portraits of all members. A nice personal touch, but the shirts also show that everyone is important at De Rijten.

For Vriendenkring De Rijten, 'Circus Salto Mortale' in 2017 was a car that is engraved in the memory. When the generator fell out halfway through the parade, there was a need for improvisation and everyone after the parade was in pocket and ashes, only to be ecstatic at the award ceremony after two first prizes and a second place in the general classification; huge peaks, deep valleys and a leap of joy at the end.

Ge Wit 'T Oit Noit Nie

Ge Wit 'T Oit Noit Nie exists 26 years, but has decided to celebrate this year's anniversary because it will be the 25th participation of the group. To reflect on this, the group changed the logo and provided each participant of GWTONN with a new polo shirt, so that no one appears in an old polo shirt at a party anymore. A separate committee has also organised an anniversary party.

GWTONN started at KV Eymerick and the two are still closely connected. There are many members from the very beginning who still come to build each year with great pleasure. They are complemented by the young guard, who are taking on more and more responsibilities. The older generation is still willing to help if necessary, so that the group will continue to participate frequently in the future.

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