Brabantsedag MustHaves

Whatever the weather, we have the gadget for you! With our gadgets, you're always in the right place, looking at the passing parade. Storm or wind, sun or rain, with our gadgets you can stand it!

For a number of years you can get Brabantsedag posters, stickers and pennants. As of this year there are even more cool souvenirs for sale. Of course in Brabantsedag red with a white print. The items are available from the beginning of August at the Brabantsedag secretariat (Dorpshuis 't Perron, Schoolstraat 50a) and during the Brabantsedag itself at the (red/white chequered) information stand (on the corner Schoolstraat/Jan Deckersstraat).

Tangible memory

According to Harald van Schie of the Marketing & PR working group, there is a demand for souvenirs: "Those who have visited the Brabantsedag once, will come back once, as the figures show. In the same survey, our guests indicated that they would like to take something tangible home with them. With our new collection of gadgets we try to respond to this. They are practical items against the sun/heat such as caps or water bottles, or fan items such as pins, sunglasses and bibs for the smallest visitors."

So do you want to make the glitz during or after the Brabantsedag? Are you the trendsetter with the coolest Brabantsedag gadgets? Then in August, hurry to the Brabantsedag secretariat or to the information stand and make your move!

The items below will be available (subject to availability):

Pin - 5,- euro

Cap - 8,- euro

Sunglasses - 5,- euro

Umbrella - 15,- euro

Water bottle - 7,50 euro

Key ring - 4,- euro

Bib - 10,- euro

Shirt - child 10,- euro / adults 12,50 euro

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