Burgundian Brabantsedag

A pleasant and complete day out also includes a nice drink and bite at the right time. You'll also find them at the Brabantsedag. You can also pay for your drinks in a special way: with the brand new Parademunt!

This is the new Parade Coin

Stichting Brabantsedag proudly introduces this year the Parademunt, a payment coin with the mention of the general winner of the Brabantsedag 2018. The new means of payment with a value of €2.50 can be handed in at all 'wet' catering establishments on the squares and along the track. This token can be purchased at the sales points of the Brabantsedag (the Brabantsedag coin-operated machines that can be found on the atmospheric squares and at the Info stand).

With the winner's mention, the parade coin becomes a real collector's item. At the same time this means that the coin is only valid for one year. Remaining coins can be exchanged on the day after the parade at the secretariat of the Brabantsedag. That's Monday 26 August in the platform.

Drinks and snacks during the Brabantsedag

As said before: you pay with the Parade Coin in all 'wet' catering establishments, so you pay for your drinks with it. And that's where your choice comes in!

In addition to drinks, there are of course also snacks available on and around the track. We'll take you through the extensive menu that the catering workgroup has put together for you.

At various places, including the town hall square and at the Geldropseweg in front of the door of Bakkerij Vedder you will find bars of Tapperij De Zwaan. In the town hall garden you can enjoy the Belgian Bierenbar. Or you can score some goodies at Werner van Hoof Fun & Food, the Helmond-based company that is already present for the 25th time on the Brabantsedag this year.

The catering working group ensures that the catering is well distributed. At the beginning of the course you can score chips and snacks at Frietkraam Someren and on the Wilhelminaplein you can find the sandwich bus, next to the café, to make delicious sandwiches. A little further on, in front of the tableaux, you can enjoy satays, sandwiches and drinks from the stall of 't Pumpke. Fancy an ice cream? At the statue of the carbuilders is La Toscana with homemade Italian ice cream. There is also an extra copy of Frietkraam Someren. On the other side of the street, Safé Kebab is ready for you to make a delicious Döner sandwich.

At the Albert Heijn you can choose the Vietnamese spring rolls from Vieth Huyn. These can be found again at the driveway of the castle, where you can also score delicious fish at VDH Seafood. On the other side of Tapperij De Zwaan you can enjoy the sausage rolls of Vedder and the delicacies of Boer van de Berg.

Also on the last part of the parade course, on the Strabrechtsplein there is plenty of choice; you will find the Brabantsedagbar, the Van Grunsven chipshop, another La Toscana ice cream parlour and another fish stall by fishmonger VDH.

In short: no dry throat and no rattling belly!

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