Flag and pennant to support Brabantsedag

In two weeks' time, the 62nd Brabantsedag will erupt. It is therefore high time to cover Heeze completely in Brabantsedag-spheres, with red and white chequered Brabantse flags, car manufacturers' flags and Brabantsedag pennants. To give this extra impulse, there is the now traditional action 'Wave the flag for the Brabantsedag'.

Anyone in Heeze who displays the Brabantseag banner in combination with a Brabant flag or builder's flag from Monday 12 August, has an automatic and daily chance of winning a delicious Brabantsedag cake from bakery 't Bakkertje. Every day, the action team searches the whole of Heeze for hanging flags and pennants, and takes a picture of one. The winner receives a personal message and is put in the spotlight via the social media of Brabantsedag.

Anne Groenewegen of the Marketing & PR Committee of the Brabantsedag: "We notice that it is contagious. First one or two hang, and suddenly an entire street is filled with flags and pennants. This year the pennant was renewed, but that doesn't mean that the old pennant shouldn't be used anymore. Flags, old and new pennants create a great festive atmosphere in our village. We want to reward this by means of the action. And as far as we're concerned: the sooner the flags and pennants are attached to the facades, the better".

Discount for introduction

The new pennant is available in two sizes. The standard pennant (for flagpoles on the facade) will cost 10,- euro, the large version (for flagpoles in gardens etc.) 20,- euro. With the purchase you support the Brabantsedag.

For the introduction of the new pennant there is only this year an action: 5,- euro discount on returning the 'old' yellow pennant.

The new pennant is for sale at Welkoop, Hubo and Wereldwinkel in Heeze and the secretariat of the Brabantsedag in 't Perron (pins can be used). The secretariat is open from Monday to Friday 10.00-12.00 hours and 14.00-16.00 hours.

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