Third edition Childrens Parade Brabantsedag: bigger and bigger

For the third time Brabantsedag Heeze will be preceded by the famous children's parade, on Saturday 17 August. This year, the number of applications has grown again: twelve groups and a total of 190 children will participate.

The first edition in 2017 had more than eighty participants. Last year there were ten groups.

This year all participants from 6 to 14 years old work with the theme 'What moves Brabanders? Children up to the age of 6 are also allowed to participate, but only if accompanied by a parent. And because all participants are winners, they all get a prize.

The juniors invent, make and do everything themselves. In this way they show that in a few years' time they can become the new talents in the 'big' builders groups, so that the future of the Brabantsedag can be assured.

The children's parade departs on Saturday 17 August at 19.00 hours from the car park at the Martinuskerk (near D'n Toversnest) to the final destination of the town hall garden, where later that evening the opening party for all carbuilder groups will start.

The route runs from Toversnest via Jan Deckersstraat, Schoolstraat and Brekelmanspad past the Nicasiushuis, so the grandparents can also enjoy themselves, to the garden. No standing games are allowed anymore, to keep the momentum going.

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