Brabantsedag listens

HEEZE - Following suggestions and comments from visitors, the organisation of Brabantsedag Heeze is implementing improvements and changes this year, to make hospitality even more Brabantse(dagge)r and better!

The ordering system for stand charts has been refined. This year, visitors can, just like in regular theatres, determine their own seats. The number of seats, which are invariably sold out every year, has been increased. This year there are about 2,300 seats available for free sale (via the website, possibly remaining tribunetickets on the day itself at the information stand).

We're back at the 'old' number of cash registers, so entrances. The cash registers at the Sint Nicasiusstraat and Pastoor Spieringslaan are coming back, after comments from regular visitors who were always used to this route (and had to walk around a bit last year). All cash registers have scanners for e-tickets (printed or on the phone).

These are all checkout stations (and thus the entrances of open air theatre Heeze): K1 Ginderover, K2 Oude Stationsstraat, K3 Emmerikstraat, K4 Schoolstraat, K5 Molenstraat, K6 Sint Nicassiustraat, K7 Prins Bernhardlaan, K8 Geldropseweg, K9 Pastoor Spieringslaan, K10 Strabrecht and K11 Boschlaan.

More and more Brabantedag guests are doing a good job and come (healthy) on their steel horse. That is why two guarded bicycle sheds will be added this year. The parking facilities will be professionally staffed and guarded (from 10.00 to 18.00 hours) by scouting volunteers from Geldrop, for 1,- euro per bicycle (0,50 euro per children's bicycle and 2,- euro per scooter/moped). Here you can find all the bicycle sheds: F1. Europalaan, F2. Leenderweg, at the Welkoop, F3. Over there at pet shop Beelen, F4. Village house 't Perron, F5 Molenstraat, parking behind the Action and F6 Deken de Bruijnplein.

Also on popular demand: more sanitary facilities. From now on, there will be toilet facilities on all official Brabant Day parking spaces. There will also be more toilets along the parade course. So don't hesitate to have an extra drink!

The parade course itself has been extended due to the growing number of visitors. Now more people can find a place along the route. Where the largest theatre parade of the year used to start halfway along the Ginderover, the official starting point is now the intersection Industrieweg-Ginderover.

The signage has been extended and has been carried out in the theatrical, new house style of Brabantsedag. In combination with the fold-out floor plan, visitors can find all the facilities in 'Theater Heeze' even more easily.

And last but not least, an important group that we listen to carefully and with whom we work together in a pleasant and collegial way: our stakeholders from the municipality of Heeze-Leende, the ready emergency services (but hopefully never have to take any action) and other associations and foundations in Heeze, for example for the benevolent use of the banner holders and the St. Maartenshuis.

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