Brabantsedag: safety, logistic and traffic measures

HEEZE - Every year it's quite a hassle: rebuilding and rebuilding 'Theater Heeze', while the village of Heeze continues to do its daily thing. With these logistic and traffic measures, this is possible, and also in a safe way.

End of August

The 14 stands (with some 2,300 seats on sale) are shooting up like mushrooms! On the evening of Friday 23 August, after the closure of the shop, parking spaces will already be closed off in front of the stand; parking is not possible.

Jan Deckersstraat
Tribune 1 near tableaux
Tribune 2 Optiek Vd Leur
Tribune 3 Flowers
Tribune 4 Tonnaer
Tribunes 5-6-7 Gemeentehuisplein - Schoolstraat (T5 is only for guests)

Tribune 8 Action
Tribune 9 Snuffelhal
Tribune 10 Rabobank
Tribune 11 Coloury
Tribune 12 Kunnen
Tribune 13 Olav (Only for invitees)

Strabrechtplein Tribune 14

Sunday 25 August

Radical measures are needed to manage the influx and outflow of tens of thousands of visitors, both literally and figuratively. From 8 a.m. onwards, all through traffic (motorised) will be diverted. The entire core of Heeze, including the parade course and the atmosphere and taste squares, is closed to traffic from 8.00 to 20.00 hours. The course and squares are also closed to cyclists, scooters and mopeds.

There is an emergency route that is kept free for any necessary emergency services. On that route you may not stand still or park, and that also applies to the residents. Incorrectly parked cars on this route will be towed away. At road closures there are traffic controllers whose instructions must always be followed. All traffic measures (and permits) can be found on heeze-leende.nl/verkeer.

Nevertheless, Brabantsedag Heeze is easily accessible:

By train; at NS Station Heeze the local trains come from Weert and Eindhoven.

It's also possible to travel by bike. There are six bicycle parking facilities guarded by Geldrop scouting volunteers (1 euro per bicycle, 0.50 per children's bicycle, 2 euro per scooter/moped):
F1. Europalaan F2. Leenderweg, at the Welkoop F3. Over there at pet shop Beelen F4. Village house 't Perron F5 Molenstraat, parking behind the Action F6 Deken de Bruijnplein.

By car. There are six parking lots (but full = full). Parking is forbidden in almost all neighbourhoods because the emergency route must remain free; there is a towing arrangement that is strictly adhered to! So please park mainly on (4 euros per car): P1. Muggenberg P2. Leenderweg P3. Sportpark 't Lambrek P7. Nieuwe Hoeven (is free in the whole district but limited in number of places, according to normal traffic rules for parking).
P4 at 't Perron is only for people with an official disabled parking card and P5 is only for guests with a parking card sent by Stichting Brabantsedag.

For visitors in wheelchairs: There are two special places for the disabled, where there is also a disabled toilet nearby: for butcher's shop Van Hoof (Ginderover) and for Action (Jan Deckersstraat). Reservations are not possible, full = full.

Reception by Het Salon

From the NS Station and the car parks it is a small walk to the parade course and the five atmosphere & taste plazas. Visitors start with a cheerful feeling, because the actors of Het Salon have welcomed them with great hospitality at the station and in the car parks. Het Salon is a group of enthusiastic people from the Eindhoven region who are active in improvisation, street theatre and/or self-written performances.


During the Brabantsedag the whole centre of Heeze is one big open air theatre. You enter in two ways: either you live at the parade course (are you lucky!) or you buy or show your entrance ticket at one of the many entrances. All checkout stations have scanners for e-tickets: K1 Ginderover, K2 Oude Stationsstraat, K3 Emmerikstraat, K4 Schoolstraat, K5 Molenstraat, K6 Sint Nicassiustraat, K7 Prins Bernhardlaan, K8 Geldropseweg, K9 Pastoor Spieringslaan, K10 Strabrecht and K11 Boschlaan.

During the theatre parade the following applies: for everyone's safety, it is forbidden to enter the course! The public must stay behind the fences and may not move them. In the case of narrower sections, it is also forbidden for the public to pass by during the parade. Photography is allowed, but from behind the fences (also applies to photographers with a press card); only their own Brabantsedag photographers (recognisable by their shirt) are allowed to work on the course.

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