Sisters Clarissen pray for good weatherforecast

Probably since the very first Brabantsedag the Brabantsedag Foundation faithfully brings a sausage to the Clarissen before the Parade Day. A special tradition with the aim of having the sisters pray to the weather gods so that the last Sunday of August can again be a beautiful day.

The task is invariably entrusted to newly appointed board members of the Brabantsedag. This year the board member and secretary Joost Pellens makes the way to the monastery, together with Martine Leenders, working group Horeca. Although results from the past do not give any guarantee for the future, the annual gift is strictly adhered to - with besides the fresh sausage from Heeze itself also an envelope with content - as compensation for a nice weather novena.

Hopefully, the nine-day prayer to the 'weather gods' will make for a radiant day of paradise on Sunday 25 August!

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