Access and parking, safety, tickets and more

Sunday 25 August is the day, the 62nd Brabantsedag in Heeze. The more than 2000 builders are (almost) ready for it, the finishing touches are being made to the 16 house-high theatre sets. Our 200 volunteers turn Heeze into a true theatre paradise: from signage to the design of the parking spaces, from the construction of the stands to the design of the atmospheric plazas, it's bustling in Heeze!

And you'll be there on Sunday! 

Here are a few practical things to do:

Access and Parking

Train, car, bike: you can reach Heeze in various ways. You can park your car and your bicycle in the parking lots and bicycle sheds provided for that purpose. There is also a disabled parking space. Read everything on our page about Access and Parking

Floor plan

Where's what? See the map on www.brabantsedag.nl/plattegrond

Ordering entrance tickets

You can continue to order your ticket online. But you can also buy an entrance ticket at our many cash registers. Ticket costs 10,- euro, children up to 12 years old are free!

Precautions for warm weather

In view of the weather forecast for this weekend, we advise our visitors to take the following precautions: wear airy clothing, make sure there is enough water and sunburn, and if possible, seek regular shade.

Two water points can be found on the parade route (see www.brabantsedag.nl/plattegrond): at these water points our builders are provided with water during the parade. You as a visitor can also have your water bottle filled there. But you understand that our builders need a lot of water when they come by, so we ask for your understanding here.

Emergency route

Attention, during the Brabantsedag a calamity route has been set up by the Municipality of Heeze Leende: Along the calamity route it is not allowed to park or stand still.

The access roads to the route are closed at 08.00 hours until 20.00 hours. It is not possible to enter or leave the district after 08.00 hours.

Theme What moves Brabanders

The theme of the 62nd Brabantsedag is What moves Brabanders. Do you want to know more about the 16 subjects you will see during this Brabantsedag? Take a look at www.brabantsedag.nl/parade

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