Brabantsedag also the cleanest theatre parade of the year!

It is known that the Brabantsedag is the biggest theatre parade of the year. This year we can also say that the Brabantsedag is the cleanest theatre parade of the year! For the second time, paper bags were handed out to the public at the various entrances and the full garbage bags were collected at the end of the parade. This resulted this year in more than 5500 distributed garbage bags and 60 full kliko's of collected waste, a total of 14 m3 of waste that did not remain on the streets of Heeze.

For years, the municipality of Heeze-Leende, in cooperation with the Brabantsedag Heeze Foundation, has been working to keep the parade free of waste. In previous years, field staff and cleaning teams had their hands full with the many litter that was left behind after the parade. Last year, for the first time, a great effort was made to create a clean theatre parade, and that was already a success. This year, the approach was further elaborated and produced a very good result: clean streets and a beautiful Heeze. In addition to handing out and collecting waste bags, all waste bins have been provided with 'Clean Theatre Parade stickers' and waste islands have also been used in the various atmospheric plazas.

The fact that this approach is a success is also largely due to the public. There was an enthusiastic response to the waste bags. Like the promotion team, many first of all walked around with a paper bag on their heads before the bag became a waste bag. In addition, the positive reactions, "Ow, that's a smart idea, how handy such a bag", show that the approach was embraced by the public. The overcrowded garbage truck indicates that the use of the bag during the parade was then widely accepted. And that's good, because together we'll make the cleanest theatre parade of the year!

The total action during the Brabantsedag is part of the litter approach of the Municipality of Heeze-Leende. In cooperation with AJC project management, the municipality has a number of spearheads that are deployed annually on the theme of litter and sustainability. In addition to the Brabantsedag, guest lectures are given at the schools in the municipality every year and the Schoonmonitor (Clean Monitor) responds even more specifically to so-called hotspots.

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