Reuse Brabantsedag floats

Not all of the Brabantsedag cars are dismantled: Many of the floats or parts of them find a second destination.

The sheep heads of De Laarstukken (Wolvenjacht Cuijk in 1815) were sold. The watchtower of Ietskes Schif (fled from Camp Vught) goes to the municipality of Heeze-Leende and is used for the WW2 commemoration of the liberation and the liberation festival on September 22 and other parts of the car will probably go to Camp Vught.

Factory Van Engelen&Evers wants to take over the old logo (float: The Silent Resistance) from the factory, made by Vriendenkring Schenkels.

The float of De Oude Ambachten (the Udensche Courant) will be rented out to music festival Op Dreef in Reuver, this weekend. The float was transported last weekend.

The festival stage of Into the Woods will be made with parts of the float of Vriendenkring De Rijten (De Blijde Entrede) and the beautiful construction of the Vincent van Gogh painting Sterrennacht (by Bouwerij Skon) will probably be on loan to the Vincentre in Nuenen.

The costumes are also becoming increasingly popular. They find their way mainly to carnival clubs and theatre companies. Advantage here: there is no total destruction the day after the parade and so there is more time for sale.

Text: https://www.ed.nl/cranendonck-heeze-leende/groeimarkt-voor-brabantsedag-parademateriaal~ade11315/

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