Theme of the 63rd Brabantsedag: WITH VERVE

HEEZE - The 63rd Brabantsedag Heeze on Sunday 30 August 2020 will be dedicated to 'met verve' (with verve). This was announced tonight during the well-attended theme presentation in 't Perron.

After a great deal of deliberation, the theme committee opted for this concise and playful reference to the Brabant art of painting. 'With verve' not only refers to painting – verf in Dutch means paint, but is also a tribute to all float builders and volunteers who work every year with verve and gusto on the Brabantsedag experience.

For the elaboration of the theme, an extensive list of painters who were born before 1 January 1958 within the borders of the Duchy of Brabant has been compiled (according to the overview map 2011). The float builders choose a painting of one of the painters on this frame (so no graphic work or drawing).

They may be inspired by this painting in all sorts of ways (image, inspiration/reason, technique, movement, etc.) but may not reproduce it literally. The image or story of the chosen painting may therefore not be retold or built and each painter may appear only once in the largest theatre parade of the year.

Their work will cumulate on 30 August in a colourful and picturesque palette of sixteen different painters parading through the streets of Heeze.

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