The 63rd Brabantsedag Heeze is in 2021

HEEZE - Brabantsedag Heeze is forced to postpone the 63rd edition of the biggest theatre parade of the year to 2021.

With pain in its red and white chequered heart, the board of the Brabantsedag Foundation is forced to comply with the nationwide ban on events this summer.

It is postponement due to force majeure; Brabantsedag is normally synonymous with embracing each other and togetherness. Next year we sincerely hope to be able and allowed to come together with thousands of builders, actors, volunteers and visitors in Heeze.

Fortunately, the far-reaching preparations and efforts already made have not been in vain. ‘With Verve', about 16 painters and their works of art with roots in the Duchy of Brabant, will proudly remain as the theme of the next Brabantsedag.

Therefore: see you on

sunday 29 august 2021

at the 63rd Brabantsedag Heeze. We look forward to it!

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