Brabantsedag: the LEGO edition by door Stichting Vrienden Wagenbouwers

HEEZE - No parade through the streets, no construction tents, no opening party, no children's parade and no closing party as we are used to every year. But something completely new in which all sixteen wagon builders groups of the Brabantsedag are intensively involved. Stichting Vrienden Wagenbouwers organizes this year a LEGO® edition of the Brabantsedag for the participating car builder groups and received cooperation from various sponsors, the municipality and the Brabantsedag itself.

Meanwhile, various companies from Heeze have lend a helping hand through sponsorship, making 15,000 building blocks available for each car builder group.

The LEGO® bricks will be handed over in a playful way to the car builder groups that are going to build a car that they have already built in the past 62 years. We will soon have sixteen beautiful LEGO® trolleys on display at various retailers and companies in the centre of Heeze. As a result, everyone will have the opportunity to see them after August 30th during the whole month of September. The trolley builders of the Brabantsedag can still get to work because the trolley builders don't want to skip a year,'' says the Stichting Vrienden Wagenbouwers.

After the LEGO® creations are exhibited, all LEGO® cubes will be donated to social causes in the municipality of Heeze-Leende.

In this way the carbuilders show that they are in the middle of society because the Brabant Day is not just about the carbuilders but about everyone and for everyone! More information will follow in the coming weeks.

Source: Stichting Vrienden Wagenbouwers

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