Watch with the Brabantsedag Thuisquiz

Of course you will participate in the Brabantsedag Thuisquiz tonight at 19.30 hrs.
You can register until the quiz starts via Brabantsedag.nl/thuisquiz.

Do you really not want to participate, but just want to enjoy yourself? Then that's possible too.
Check out www.streamingteam.nl/live for free tonight from 19.00 hrs!
But beware, you can't take part in the quiz, just watch.

Talk about the quiz tonight with #Brabantsedagquiz

About the Brabantsedag Thuisquiz

The Brabantsedag Thuisquiz is a fun evening for everyone who loves the Brabantsedag. A full evening game show is presented with questions about more than 60 years of Brabantsedag. Just home for the tube. Many of the multiple choice questions will be framed with photo and film footage of previous parades.

Saturday August 29th 2020
Start time 19.30 hours.
End time quiz 22.30 hours.


After your registration you will immediately receive a confirmation email with more information.
Didn't receive it? Please check your spambox immediately.
Otherwise mail to website@brabantsedag.nl


Wagenbouwers, volunteers, Heezenaren and all Brabantsedag visitors.
You don't have to be an expert to take part in the quiz. Lover is enough. They are multiple choice questions, so you can also gamble :)


A team consists of a maximum of 6 people. So you can even participate on your own if you want to. When you register, you can link your team to a wagenbouwers group, so that you play for that group. You can play for a wagenbouwers group (numbers 1 to 16) but there is also a group of Volunteers (number 17) and a group of Brabantsedag Visitors (number 18). Your registration consists of the number of the group for which you are participating followed by the name of your team. (Example: 3Kenners). The points then count for that specific (wagenbouwers) group and groups 1 to 18 compete against each other.


€ 10,- per team of maximum 6 persons.
The proceeds of the Thuisquiz are divided among the wagenbouwers groups after deduction of the production costs. During the broadcast, participants and viewers also get the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution via Geef.nl. These revenues will also be divided among the wagenbouwers groups.


Traditionally, our wagenbouwers groups compete for eternal fame and, of course, a cup to go with it! The teams themselves compete per round for fun Brabantsedag gadgets and in the final score even for exclusive Brabantsedag VIP arrangements. 

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