Brabantsedag Thuisquizavond big success. Ge Wit 't Oit Noit Nie group winner.

Tonight over 160 participating teams enjoyed questions about the past and present of the Brabantsedag Thuisquiz. Which group did Gerard van Maasakkers sing for? Which group didn't have live singing in that one year, but did have music? What did the pastor ever put on the poster of the Brabantsedag? There were so many striking and special moments of the Brabant Day. The quiz, in which the questions were mostly introduced by well-known Brabantsedag characters, was also streamed over 260 times (so the teams did not take part in the prize rain).

Participant Judith van der Velden says enthusiastically: 'What a wonderful quiz by the foundation, enjoyed! Together with members of De Rijten, De Lambrekvrienden, Haisjô and VK Hopeloos! That's what the Brabantsedag is all about, fraternization! On to next year! Brabantsedag 2021 here we come!

Team VKVG took off with the team win. The points of all teams have been added up and that has led to the group winner Ge Wit 't Oit Noit Nie.

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