Brabantsedag 2021

We can imagine that the question is alive: 'Where is the Brabantsedag and where are we going? Normally we would announce the new theme during this period. Due to the corona crisis, it was decided this spring to postpone the theme of the 63rd Brabantsedag 'With verve' to August 29, 2021. For now, we express our hope and also assume that the Brabantsedag can continue. Committees are starting up, ideas are being exchanged and the annual planning is in the making.

At the same time, we have to take into account a scenario that the Brabantsedag in 2021 will be hampered or - worse still - will not be held due to the corona crisis. We are therefore following developments closely, that goes without saying.

Recently, the Board has been looking into this issue. We are working on a time schedule in which we record when decisions have to be made with the knowledge we have at our disposal at that moment. Health - physically for all involved, but also financially for the organization - must and will be the starting point. Our common and highest goal is to be able to continue enjoying this fantastic event after this crisis for many years to come. This awareness has led to the start of a 'plan B' in which the connection with and between the builders, volunteers and the public is paramount and central. Since 'together' and 'togetherness' is the basis of what makes the Brabantsedag so big, unique and special, the board will involve those involved in this process in good time. The aim is to be able to report more about this by the end of February 2021.

Of course we hope that 'plan B' will be allowed to end up in the fridge. Should it be necessary, then we are prepared and together we can guarantee a healthy future for the Brabantsedag. For now it's on to Sunday, August 29, 2021!

On behalf of the board of the Brabantsedag Foundation,

Boukje van Ettro, chairman

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