Positive look ahead, on to the end of August!

With vaccination planning progressing smoothly and new opportunities for self-testing, we are heading towards a summer period with greater chances of the old normal. For the Stichting Brabantsedag all the more reason to give full throttle to the preparations for the Theater Parade on August 29, 2021.

In the meantime, the state of affairs has been discussed with all the groups regarding the subject, design and ideas for their presentations around the theme 'With Verve'. The motivation and inspiration of the design teams is once again high. The planned idea presentations are postponed to a date in April but the other activities in the annual planning remain unchanged. The construction period will therefore start on June 1 and if specific guidelines still apply, we will coordinate the approach in good time with all the wagon building groups.

Unfortunately, even Stichting Brabantsedag does not have a crystal ball and it remains the case that circumstances can develop differently. In that case, Stichting Brabantsedag will take a final decision no later than 15 May as to whether the organization of the Parade and thus the 63rd Brabantsedag in 2021 can go ahead.

Stichting Brabantsedag is moving enthusiastically and confidently towards the 63rd Brabantsedag in 2021.

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