Heezer entrepreneurs enthusiastic about Paradeplaatjes campaign

Last week, Stichting Brabantsedag announced the Paradeplaatjes-action whereby shoppers in Heeze receive a set of four stickers for every 10 euros spent. These stickers can be collected in the corresponding savings album.

"The reactions of the Heeze entrepreneurs are so positive, it's great that they are so enthusiastic. Shopkeepers, bars and restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons; they all let us know that the campaign fits in with their wish for more local shopping and recreation. And the knife cuts on several sides: we want a little Brabantsedag this summer and can mean something for the entrepreneurs who normally are ready for us," said Ruud van Lierop, Marketing & PR Brabantsedag.

Jan Pieter van der Linden of Intertoys Heeze reacts enthusiastically: "I knew immediately that this was going to be a top campaign in the village. It's inevitable that the public will start collecting these pictures en masse. And certainly because you will soon be able to get them at so many places in Heeze."

Josje van Gaal of Kapsalon Josje: "What a super action and what fun that we as non-regular stores can participate. We can't wait, let the collecting begin!"

Marco van der Heijden of Tapperij de Zwaan: "It's a pity, no Brabantsedag this summer. It is the most beautiful and sociable day in Heeze. We gladly participate in the action, then we still have a little Brabantsedag in this period."

The savings campaign lasts until Sunday, August 29. Interested entrepreneurs can register until Friday, June 4 via paradeplaatjes@brabantsedag.nl. More information about the campaign and the list of participating entrepreneurs will follow in June, as well as more information about plans for afternoon swaps (again, the RIVM measures are leading).


It was previously announced that the 63rd Brabantsedag will be moved to Sunday, August 28, 2022. The outlined steps in the opening plan of the central government particularly endanger the physical construction process, normally starting in June. Behind the scenes we are working hard to find an alternative event for the last weekend in August, which is permitted within the then current measures.

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