vacancy Coordinator Brabantsedag ambassadors and external parties

Do you like the Brabantsedag? And can you make others enthusiastic too? Then we could really use your help.

You have a busy day ahead of you: you email the Queen's Commissioner for Brabant, send a DM to Marianne Vos and help a member of the Lower House promote the Brabantsedag on social media. After that, you start looking for organisations that can promote the Brabantsedag. Thanks to your qualities and help, others can get involved (nationwide) to promote the Brabantsedag.

The Brabantsedag has a nice list of ambassadors who care about the event. They visit the Brabantsedag at least once every 2 years and promote the Brabantsedag throughout the year when possible. On our website is the list of ambassadors, maybe you can add new persons to the list. You will be the first point of contact for the ambassadors and look together with them how they can Brabantsedag.

In addition, you will look for new collaborations with organizations, companies and individuals to further promote the Brabantsedag in the region. The focus here is on non-profit organizations.

So..... if you

-tidy and correct,

-alert and precise,

-are active on social media,

-can empathize with the different ambassadors,

-and can help the ambassadors to work for the Brabantsedag,

then we are looking for you!

As Coordinator Brabantsedag ambassadors and external parties (that's a job title!) you are part of the working group Marketing & PR. This close working group meets once a month in Heeze, and in the run-up to the Brabantsedag more often.


The Brabantsedag is entirely made up of volunteers. Team pride, satisfaction, returning visitors and the big smiles on the last Sunday in August are our 'salary'. If you are also active during that day, then we will of course provide a snack and a drink.

You will also probably have the best job title of all Brabantsedag volunteers.


Is this volunteer position something for you or do you have questions? Then quickly contact Secretariat Brabantsedag, (info@brabantsedag.nl or 040 226 3139), and mention: vacancy Coordinator Brabantsedag ambassadors and external parties.

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