De Parelkamer creative with Brabantsedag Parade pictures

Always wanted a Brabantsedag chair? The Pearl Room in Heeze makes it possible.

Last summer in Heeze, people were busy saving for the Parade pictures of the Brabantsedag. After the savings campaign, the Pearl Room in Heeze started working creatively with these pictures. With great verve, real Brabantsedag chairs are made.

Astrid Steenbakkers, one of the supervisors at the Parelkamer explains: "It is really nice work for our young people to make such a chair with the stickers. And we are very proud of the result'.

Price of the small chair is €12.50, price of the large chair €25, - Also interested? Be there on time and reserve your chair.

By the way, Team Parelkamer is always in need of wooden chairs that they can glue and process into something beautiful. So if you have a wooden chair to spare, let us know at info@deparelkamer.nl.

De Parelkamer is a unique store with a homely feel, where a day care program is housed for young people with intellectual disabilities. Masterpieces are made in the studio and then these "pearls" are presented in the store and sold at a low price. In addition to the self-made gifts and pimped furniture, they also sell old Dutch candy.

With great pleasure they work on assignments such as treats for children's parties, furniture pimping in a certain theme or wrapping promotional gifts.

Feel free to walk in to look around and meet these gems.

Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30-12.30h and 13.30-17.00h (closed on Saturday)

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