Theme 63rd Brabantsedag unchanged: it remains With verve

Sunday, August 28, 2022 is the day again! The 63rd Brabantsedag in Heeze. How much we have been looking forward to this and how uncomfortable the past two years have been in this close-knit village. After all, 62 times before that an annual Brabantsedag parade was held. The measures surrounding Covid-19 did not allow it the past two years, but that will be made up for in 2022.

In the theater parade, events from the past come to life, related to a theme and to the Duchy of Brabant. The 16 groups of float builders creatively translate these subjects into modern times. The result: passing total theater with original designs and daring technology that tells a complete story in just a few minutes.

With verve

The 63rd Brabantsedag in Heeze on Sunday 28 August 2022 will be devoted to 'With verve'. The Duchy of Brabant has a rich history, also in painting. That is why the theme 'With Verve' has been chosen. This umbrella theme refers among other things to the art of painting.

The theme had already been put in the starting blocks for the 2020 parade and both the wagon builders and the organization itself had already started working on it. Frank van Lierop, board member and head of Theme explains: "Our themes are carefully prepared and for 2020 the theme 'With verve' was already presented. Our wagon building groups have chosen to hold on to this promising theme and thus carry it through to 2022."

The logo that goes with the theme was also presented in 2020. Designer Dirk van Gaal is the one who has given the theme a recognizable face in the past three theater parades. "Normally, as a designer, you create a logo for three consecutive years, now there is a gap between the second and third year. After this, I will hand over the baton to a new visual branding duo who will take on this honorary job for the next three years. Three consecutive years, I assume."

For the elaboration of the theme 'With Verve', an extensive list of painters born before January 1, 1958 within the borders of the Duchy of Brabant (according to a 2011 overview map) was compiled. The wagon builders may choose a painting (i.e. not a graphic work or drawing) from one of the painters on this list or from another painter who meets the criteria (born in the Duchy of Brabant before 1 January 1958). They may not literally recreate the scene, but they may be inspired by this painting in many ways . For example, the float builders can show the inspiration or reason for the painting, make the image theatrical in a different way, or use the movement or technique as a source for the parade float. Our wagon builders are ready for this challenge!

On the last Sunday of August, a colorful and painterly palette of sixteen different painters will thus pass through the streets of Heeze.

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