Brabantsedag Heeze: The biggest theater parade of the year!

Come and enjoy, be surprised and amazed by the largest theater parade of the year! On 28 August, 16 huge theater sets and 2000 actors will parade through the center of Heeze in Brabant (near Eindhoven). What began in 1954 as a simple parade of farm carts has grown into a true spectacle that is unparalleled. The largest theater parade of the year attracts 40,000 visitors from all over the Netherlands.

The Brabantsedag is about the past of the Duchy of Brabant, including the Belgian part. This is brought to life in innovative ways within an annual theme. For the 63rd Brabantsedag the theme is "With Verve". Each wagon building group has chosen a painter born in the Duchy. They are inspired by the painter or his painting, but the work of art may not be literally depicted. The building process of a wagon takes months, from the idea to the execution, thousands of Heezen people are working daily to give shape to the amazing creations. On the last Sunday of August, therefore, a colorful and picturesque palette of sixteen different painters will drive through the streets of Heeze.

On Sunday morning, the village slowly fills up and the public can enjoy plenty of entertainment, music and street theater prior to the parade. From 13.30, the immense constructions roll past the public in the two-hour theater parade. This is enjoyment with a capital G. Visitors are captivated by expressive or subdued stage performances. Seriousness and comedy, reality and fantasy alternate and bring the past of the Duchy of Brabant to life.

Children also enjoy the parade. The youngest spectators (up to 12 years) have free access to the event.

The Brabantsedag is therefore a day out for the whole family and the perfect end to the summer vacations!

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