Brabantsedag Heeze is 100% Kidsproof!

In 2022 Brabantsedag Heeze has once again received the 100% Kidsproof quality mark from the Kidsproof.nl organization. Kidsproof.nl is the largest online inspiration platform for leisure activities in the Netherlands, aimed at parents of children aged 2 to 12. Kidsproof.nl provides the best tips for family outings, activities for children and local child-friendly hotspots, classified by region.

Sanne van Asselt of Kidsproof Eindhoven explains; "We are always looking for outings and tips for activities for children and child friendly hotspots. The theater parade of the Brabantsedag in Heeze is of course one of them, it is an ideal event to go to with children."

And the fact that children up to and including 12 have free admission on that last Sunday in August is always a nice touch.

"Of course we are proud of such a seal of approval," says Christa van den Broek marketing & PR Brabantsedag. "The Brabantsedag is an event for young and old and we only show that more with this."

On August 28, 16 house-high theater decors and 2,000 actors will move through the center of Brabant's pearl Heeze. What began in 1954 as a simple parade with farmers' carts has grown into a true spectacle that is unparalleled; in 2019 the theater parade attracted no less than 40,000 visitors from all over the Netherlands (and beyond).

The Brabantsedag is about the past of the Duchy of Brabant, including the Belgian part. The (cultural) history is innovatively brought to life within an annual theme. For the 63rd Brabantsedag that theme is 'With verve'. Each wagon building group has chosen a painter born in the Duchy. They are inspired by the painter or his painting, but the work of art must not be portrayed literally.

Children also fully enjoy the parade. Especially for them, the subjects are explained in the Parade Guide that is on sale at the entrances and the information kiosk. The youngest spectators (up to 12 years) even have free access to the event. Brabantsedag Heeze is therefore a complete day out for the whole family and the perfect end to the summer vacations!

For more information and (grandstand) tickets visit this website.

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