Waving the Flag for Brabantsedag starts June 1!

Brabantsedag cakes to win with 'flag and pennant

For years, the 'Waving the Flag for Brabantsedag' campaign has awarded a cake to those whose facade displays a Brabant flag with a Brabantsedag pennant or a wagon builder's flag with a ditto pennant. Also in 2022, the action will start again and new this year is that the action already begins from June 1.

"We hope of course that Heeze will soon be cheerfully coloured by wagon builders' and Brabant flags with pennant of course and that the Brabantsedag flame will burn again as it has for centuries. So find your red and white chequered Brabant flag or wagon builder's flag with pennant and hang it out again from 01 June onwards," says Anne Groenewegen, Marketing & PR working group of the Brabantsedag Foundation.

Whoever hangs out the Brabantsedag pennant in Heeze from the beginning of June, in combination with a Brabant flag or a wagon builder's flag, has a chance of winning a delicious Brabantsedag cake from the bakery 't Bakkertje. From 05 June onwards, a cake will be distributed every week. From 20 August onwards, there is a daily chance to win a cake. The action team will search throughout Heeze for hanging flags and pennants, and will take a picture of them. The winner will be notified personally.

Anne Groenewegen, Brabantsedag Foundation 'Every year we notice that it is contagious. First there's one or two, and suddenly an entire street is filled with flags and pennants. They create a great festive atmosphere and solidarity in our village. After two years of absence of the Brabantsedag, this is what we all long for again. So as far as we are concerned: the sooner the flags and pennants are hung on the facades, the better."

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