Brabantsedag the biggest ánd cleanest parade of the year

The Brabantsedag is a great event every year that attracts many visitors, not for nothing the biggest theater parade of the year. All these visitors also produce a lot of waste, which easily ends up on the streets. After the beautiful parade Heeze is left with an ugly mountain of litter. Therefore, again this year at all entrances paper bags are distributed in which visitors can put their waste. At the end of the parade we collect everything. Result? A clean event and a clean Heeze!

Not only during the parade, but throughout the day we ask visitors to throw their waste into a bin instead of on the street. With posters, the bins more visible. On the atmospheric plazas, waste islands will attract attention and also the float builders will pay extra attention to litter. In this way we try to facilitate the public and artists in keeping the village clean and beautiful.

Will you help us?

During the previous two editions paper bags were handed out to the public at the various entrances and the full bags were collected at the end of the parade. This resulted this year in more than 5500 distributed garbage bags and 60 full wheelie bins collected, a total of about 14 m3 of waste that was not left on the streets of Heeze.

For years the municipality of Heeze-Leende in cooperation with the Foundation Brabantsedag Heeze has been working to keep the parade free of waste. In previous years, field services and cleanup teams had their hands full with the many litter left behind after the parade. Since 2018, a major effort has been made to keep the theater parade clean, and it has already been a success. In 2019, the approach was further elaborated and has produced very good results: clean streets and a beautiful Heeze. In addition to handing out and collecting garbage bags, all garbage bins have been provided with 'Clean Theatre Parade stickers' and waste islands have also been deployed at the various atmosphere squares.

The success of this approach is also largely due to the audience. There was an enthusiastic response to the waste bags. Many have first, like the promotion team, walked around with a paper bag on their head, before the bag became a waste bag. In addition, the positive responses, "Ow, that's a smart idea, how convenient such a bag," show that the approach has been embraced by the public. The overflowing garbage truck indicates that the use of the bag during the parade was subsequently widely accepted. And that's good, because together we ensure the cleanest theater parade of the year!

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