New: the Brabantsedag Open Tent Tour

In the run-up to the 63rd Brabantsedag we present a new activity.

For those who like to take a look behind the scenes, there will be

Saturday afternoon, August 20, is the Open Tent Tour.

During the Open Tent Tour on Saturday, August 20, participants can cycle past all the construction sites between 11:30 and 15:30. The locations of the 16 construction sites in random order - there is no fixed bicycle route - are listed on the participation form. This can be downloaded in due course from brabantsedag.nl/opentententocht.

During the bike ride, everyone can safely get a sneak preview of the towering rolling theater decors that will entertain and amaze the public the following week. During the Open Tenten Tocht all the wagon building groups are busy putting the finishing touches to their creations around the theme "With Verve". There is also a great opportunity to see a live rehearsal of the actors and admire their costumes. At each construction site there is a Parade post with more information about the group and their topic for this year.

The participation form also plays a role in the scavenger hunt. At each construction site there are letters to be found. The collected letters form a sentence that is typically Brabantsedag. Participants who solve the search correctly have a chance of winning prizes.


The weekend prior to the Brabantsedag is invariably filled with thrilling anticipation. Will the grandstands, scenic squares, stagecoaches and costumes be ready in time? Will we have to work hard or hold an extra rehearsal?

There is also a lot on the program. On Saturday evening, August 20, there will be the famous Children's Parade at 7 p.m. and the opening party from 8 p.m. onwards.

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