Emergency route: when every second counts!

On behalf of municipality of Heeze-Leende:

As municipality of Heeze-Leende, we are proud to welcome you to our municipality to a masterful event as the Brabantsedag. That it will be another spectacular and impressive weekend, we know for sure. With over 30,000 people in attendance, it is necessary to take some traffic measures so that you can enjoy a safe Brabantsedag for 62 years. Let's all make sure that the 63rd will also be safe! Enjoy the Brabantsedag!

Emergency route: when every second counts!

With over 30,000 visitors on their feet, it is necessary to keep a route clear for emergency services. Along the emergency route you may not park and / or stand still. Please do not do so, because a towing regulation applies here and you will pay dearly for it. Residents along this route should park their cars on their own property (driveway). Do not leave your car along the road. Not even if you are on vacation. The emergency route is partially closed to motorized traffic from 8:00 AM onwards.

Parade route

Everyone wants to experience the parade from close by, by getting a place around the route. In case of emergencies, it is important that we can help everyone quickly and properly. We would like to ask you not to place large furniture along the route. Such furniture obstructs the walking route and hinders the emergency services in case of emergencies.

Folding chairs are allowed because they can be removed within seconds. Besides being safe, it is also friendly and welcoming to visitors if some space is left free in the front row. This allows wheelchair users and visitors who are smaller in stature to enjoy the parade. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Parking ban

Heeze is a very pleasant, hospitable village. We also want to be that during the Brabantsedag. Therefore, everywhere is well marked where you can easily park your car to visit our hospitable village on foot. In the neighborhoods, parking is prohibited in some streets because otherwise these neighborhoods are not accessible to the emergency services "when every second counts". If you want to visit family or friends in Heeze during the Brabantsedag, please make sure you arrive before 8:00 am. You can then still go (almost) anywhere by car. Pay attention to where you may not park. From 8.00 am we close off a part of Heeze for motorized traffic. This is all to ensure that the 63rd Brabantsedag can proceed safely.

Traffic controllers will show you the way

At points where you can not drive through are traffic controllers. They will be happy to help you on your way. So feel free to ask your question but also quickly follow the instructions of these controllers to promote the flow of traffic. It may be that you have to make a small detour. We ask for your understanding.

More information

You can find a more detailed map and the other traffic measures on heeze-leende.nl/verkeer. You can also check the issued permits. On Thursday 25 August, from 17.00 hours, Friday 26 August and on Monday 29 August one-way traffic is established along the parade route for the building up and dismantling of stands. If you have any questions about these measures, please contact our customer contact center (040) 22 41 400.

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