Open Tents Tour: Print your route here or pick up at Tapperij de Zwaan

Curious about what the sixteen wagon building groups are building for the 63rd Brabantsedag? What they have chosen as their subject within the theme 'With verve'? Then join the Open Tents Tour on Saturday, August 20, 2022.

On that Saturday, between 11:30 and 15:30, you can cycle past the sixteen construction tents of the wagon builders. Scattered throughout Heeze.

At the construction tent you will see a parade pole with more information about the chosen topic of that specific group of wagon builders and you can - at a safe distance - take a look to see how the wagon and clothing are created.

Win? Yes, there is also something to win with this bicycle tour and visits to the wagon builders: there are letters on every column.

Find all the letters and use them to complete the sentence. With the correct entry you have a chance of winning some great prizes. I

The route can be printed below or collected at Tapperij de Zwaan.

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