10 tips for visiting Brabantsedag Heeze

Of course you'll be there on Sunday 28 August in Heeze, the 63rd Brabantsedag is one you can't afford to miss. To prepare you as well as possible, we'll help you out with some practical matters.

1. When and what time?

The Brabantsedag always takes place on the last Sunday in August. This year it will be on Sunday, August 28. The theater parade starts at 13.30 (the pre-parade at 12.30), but there is from 10.00 to 19.00 hours on all kinds of atmospheric squares in Heeze lots of things to do: music, street theater, good food and drinks are also available.

2. How to get to Heeze?

Heeze is easily accessible via exit 34 from the A2 between Eindhoven and Maastricht and via exit 34 from the A67 between Eindhoven and Venlo.

And there is also a train stop in Heeze! The station is about 10 minutes walk from the parade route.

3. How do I get an entrance ticket?

You can buy tickets online (11,- each) or physically at one of our 16 groups (with these tickets you support the group with €1,50!). On Sunday 28 August you can buy tickets at the box office (€12,- each).

4. Where is the best place to see the Brabantsedag?

You can watch the theater parade all along the parade route. There are no bad locations, because our float builders pull out all the stops to dazzle, amaze and surprise you!

If we have to give you a tip: one of the 14 grandstands is a great place to sit and you are guaranteed your own spot. Stand tickets are available via brabantsedag.nl/tickets

5. Where is the parade route?

The Brabantsedag parade starts on the last Sunday of August at 13:30 hours from the parking lots of the cars in the industrial area De Poortmannen.

What time the parade is where, you can see on the map below.

The route runs along the main road of Heeze, from the industrial area De Poortmannen, over Ginderover, Jan Deckersstraat, Kapelstraat, Geldropseweg and ends in the Pastoor Spieringslaan and provides over two hours of viewing pleasure from start to finish.

6. What is this year's theme?

The theme of the 63rd Brabant Day in Heeze on Sunday 28 August 2022 is 'With verve'.

The Duchy of Brabant has a rich history, also in painting. Therefore this year's theme is "With verve". Referring to the art of painting.

7. What are the subjects (and parade order) of the 16 float groups?

Below the parade order of the 63rd Brabantsedag.


Schilder & schilderij

Titel van de wagen

1Bloed, Zweet & TranenHenri HessHeeze, ik zal aan jou denken 🎶
Kijk ons eens

Ge Wit 'T Oit Noit Nie

Pieter Brueghel de JongeEen gretige zoektocht naar goud

De Alchemist 

VK Van Gaal

Aert Antonisz Alle hens aan dek! De strijd is nog niet gestreden…

Slag bij Cadiz
4VK Ietskes SchifDavid Teniers#LikeMe!
The Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Painting Gallery in Brussels  
5VK De LaarstukkenAlbert Droesbeke De tragiek van het poppentheater
6VK SchenkelsVincent van GoghKrassen in het koren
Korenveld met kraaien
7VK HopeloosQuinten MassijsOde aan de Groteske Vrouw
Groteske oude vrouw
8VK SnoeyenHenry Voordecker Verdeeldheid door haantjesgedrag
Cocks Fighting 
9VK De Oude AmbachtenJan Sluijters Het losbandige leven lonkt
Bal Tabarin
10De LambrekvriendenFrans MandersDumping Brabant- De Peel als Blikvanger
De Peel 
11VK KapelstraatPieter Brueghel de OudeDe Firma Brueghel
Winterlandschap met schaatsers en vogelknip
12Het Zij ZoJheronimus Bosch  De duivelmaker
De hel
13VK De Rooie HoekFrans Hals Hals over koppen!
Zelfportret Frans Hals
14VK HaisjôGerard HendriksDe rode haan kraait!
De Rode Haan
15Bouwerij SkônJacob JordaensHoe wankel is de macht?
De Koning Drinkt
16VK De RijtenJan Cobbaert Fantasie doet leven
Kleine man met groot speelgoed

7. What time will the course be closed?

The course will be closed to motorized traffic at 08:00 in the morning. (At 09:30 the cash registers will open and access will only be possible with an entry ticket.

I want my car on the track at 11:00 ... is that possible?

That is not possible. As of 08:00 Heeze on the last Sunday in August will be closed to all motorized traffic (including mopeds and scooters!) from the traffic posts (on the outside of the course). Cyclists are allowed to pass (bike in hand!) but from 09:30 only with a valid entry ticket.

Why can't I park my car on the emergency route? My family has lived there for years.

The emergency route is set up for your and our safety and is established by the municipality of Heeze-Leende by order of the police, fire department and ambulance. These services should have the fastest possible passage, so that is why you can not park along the emergency route on the Sunday of the parade.

8. Am I allowed to take pictures on the parade route?

For the safety of our float builders and your own, it is NOT allowed to be on the route during the parade. You have to stand behind the fences or -when they are not there- in the audience.

Our own Brabantsedag photographers (recognizable by their red Brabantsedag jacket) are allowed to be on the route. You may, of course, take pictures from behind the fences.

9. What else is there to do?

Brabantsdag Heeze is a complete event, with a well-filled programme around the highlight, the biggest theatre parade of the year. From 10:00 to 19:00, you can enjoy (street) theatre and music along the route and on the Sfeer&Smaakpleinen (atmosphere & taste squares). As soon as the huge theatre parade passes by, the programme naturally comes to a halt.

Theater D’n ToversnestTheater Gemeentehuistuin
Theater kerk & kasteel
Theater Strabrecht
Theater Geldropseweg

10. How do I know who won the Brabantsedag this year?

The prize-giving ceremony starts on that same Sunday evening at 20.30 in the marquee in the town hall garden. Our 2000 float builders will all be there to hear who won the 63rd Brabantsedag.

Our twitter channel (twitter.com/brabantsedag) will keep you informed live of the results that evening. And when the prize-giving is over, we will immediately start to update all other social media channels and our newsletter with the results. Of course, everything will also be posted on our website. In short, follow us and we will keep you informed!

You can follow us on several channels. The most active ones are:

  • Facebook (facebook.com/brabantsedag)
  • Instagram (instagram.com/brabantsedag)
  • LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/brabantsedag)
  • Twitter (twitter.com/brabantsedag)

Pretty easy, right? And #Brabantsedag is doing well, too! (Note that we write Brabantsedag after each other)

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