63rd Brabantsedag Heeze a great success - Rijten winner

63rd Brabantsedag Heeze a great success:
Much enthusiasm for high-level theater parade

HEEZE - After 1,099 days it was finally time again: The Brabantsedag Heeze! The well-attended 63rd edition took place today with great weather. The many thousands of visitors enjoyed the daylong event, the Atmosphere Squares, and of course the largest theater parade of the year.

A striking feature of the more than two-hour-long, full-scale theatrical performance was that various groups of float builders touched on topical subjects. Vriendenkring Ietskes Schif, for example, depicted the 'like me' behavior on Instagram, the Plastic Soup played a leading role with Vriendenkring Van Gaal, and waste dumping in, for example, the Peel was the focus of De Lambrekvrienden. Sixteen painters from the Duchy of Brabant and their paintings within the theme "With Verve" provided a broad palette of inspiring performances.

Besides the audience, Vriendenkring De Rijten was the big winner of this bright, sun-drenched day. Vriendenkring De Rijten with 'Fantasy Lives' won the overall classification, the Press Award and the HWV Audience Award (made possible by the Heezer Winkeliers Vereniging). The float group also received the Pearl Award, which is awarded for exceptional group performance, construction, portrayal and/or use of materials. The enchanting depiction of the painting 'Little man with big toy' by Jan Cobbaert brought tears to many eyes.

This is the top three of the general classification:

- Overall winner is Vriendenkring De Rijten, with 'Fantasy makes life'.

- In second place: Ge Wit 't Oit Noit Nie with 'An eager search for gold'.

- The Lambrekvrienden came in third with 'Dumping Brabant - De Peel als blikvanger'.

The complete results of the theater parade of the 63rd Brabantsedag can be found at brabantsedag.nl/uitslag.

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