Brabantsedag is the cleanest parade

After a few years of absence, the many visitors present could again enjoy a beautiful Brabantsedag Heeze. For the third time, a team was ready to make it the cleanest theatre parade of the year. At various entrances, they handed out paper bags to the incoming public. At the end of the parade, they collected the full bags again. The result: over 5500 bags handed out and almost 15 m3 of waste collected.

The biggest compliment is that the public recognised the action from previous editions: "How good that the Kliko-Team is back! Others did not know the action yet and thought it was a very clever idea. The two trailers full of rubbish, 450 kilos in total, prove that the public responded en masse to the call to use the bag. Afterwards, Blink's sweepers were pleasantly surprised at how much work had already been done.

Since 2018 there has been a great deal of effort put into a clean theatre parade as part of the Litter Approach of the municipality of Heeze-Leende. In addition to distributing and collecting litter bags, all waste bins have been given 'Cleanest Theatre Parade' stickers and waste islands have also been set up at the various atmospheric plazas.

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