Invitation to theme presentation 64th Brabantsedag on Thursday, November 10

The 63rd Brabantsedag, last August, is still fresh in the memory, but work is already in full swing behind the scenes for the biggest theatre parade of the year on Sunday 27 August 2023, the 64th edition.

In the parade, events from the past come to life, related to a theme and to the Duchy of Brabant. The 16 wagon-building groups of the Brabantsedag creatively translate these to the present day. The result: passing total theatre with original designs and daring technique, telling a complete story in a few minutes.

On Thursday 10 November next, the Brabantsedag Foundation will announce the theme for the 64th Brabantsedag to all wagon builders and volunteers, who are cordially invited to attend. Friends, partners, sponsors and press are also welcome.

The evening will start at 19.30. The interactive presentation for wagon builders and volunteers will start at 20.00 and last about one and a half hours. The chosen theme and conditions will of course be explained. The same evening, the theme will be further announced on brabantsedag.nl and via an extensive press release.

During the theme presentation, the new logo associated with the new theme will also be unveiled. The logo will appear on posters, flags, the pul and trophies and so much more. The new logo will be created in 2023 by a the duo, Matty Jorissen and Wijnand Driessen. In daily life, they are the core of animation company 'Matte! Nande?', where they master the art of storytelling like no other. Matty and Wijnand met in group 5 at primary school De Trumakkers in Heezee. Here, they discovered their shared passions for drawing and films and joined forces. Years later, this resulted in the studio Matte! Nande? has been operating from Eindhoven for 13 years now. Matte! Nande? makes compelling and visual animation films. They will take on the role of Brabantsedag theme image designers for the next three years.

Thursday 10 November 2022
Walk-in from 19.30 hrs / start at 20.00 hrs
Location: Dorpshuis 't Perron, Schoolstraat 50 in Heeze.

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