Visitors are and remain fans of the Brabantsedag: rating 9

It was exciting after all: after two years of pandemic absence, the biggest theater parade of the year in the streets of Heeze. What would the public think?

The worries turned out to be premature and unjustified. From the visitor survey on Sunday, August 28 2022 emerged (again) a 9 as report mark.

Of the 2,500 questionnaires handed out, 63% were returned completed, while online there were also many dozens of newsletter subscribers took the trouble to respond to the survey. 

Their input provided valuable information. As before, the majority of Brabantsedag visitors come from North Brabant (82%), but we also welcome guests from abroad and the provinces of Limburg, Gelderland, South and North Holland.

The surrounding municipalities are most strongly represented along the parade route. More than half of the guests come from Heeze, Leende, Geldrop and Mierlo but also Eindhoven does not leave itself uninvited.

In terms of age, the audience is diverse. The average age of the visitor is 51: Almost half (42%) are below that in terms of age.

Then the appreciation. Relieved, Brabantsedag can conclude that two years of absence did not affect the quality of the theater parade and the honors for it. The average rating was a 9. There were even more 10s handed out (31%) and new visitors gave a 9.1.

Of all visitors, 19% came to the Brabantsedag for the first time; given their rating we will hopefully see them back this year. More than half are regular fans; 57% came six times or (much) more often to the Brabantsedag. They too will undoubtedly have the last Sunday of August 2023 already in their diaries.

Tickets for this 64th Brabantsedag can now be ordered on the website.

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