New episode of Paradepraat: Shared passion for parades

The podcast of the largest theater parade of the year, Paradepraat, proudly presents its newest episode: "Shared passion for parades." In this captivating episode, host Maarten van der Velden and sidekick Mark Damen, along with special guests Paul Bastiaansen from Zundert and Bart van Weert from Leende, delve deep into the world of float builders.

Paul and Bart provide a fascinating insight into the world of the Brabantsedag, sharing their own experiences and insights into designing parades and comparing them with the Brabantsedag. It's an exploration of the same passion we share as builders, but from a different perspective.

Additionally, the guests offer their profound vision of the Brabantsedag and provide valuable advice for future float builders. This episode promises to be an interesting and inspiring listening experience for anyone interested in the art and technique of float building.

Furthermore, Paul and Bart contribute to the virtual Brabantsedag museum by bringing in museum pieces, further bringing to life the rich history of the Brabantsedag.

Listen now to the episode on Spotify under the name Paradepraat. For questions or contributions, listeners can contact us via podcast@brabantsedag.nl.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the most beautiful floats of the Netherlands!

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