Mayor Teun Heldens of Heeze-Leende ambassador Brabantsedag

On Wednesday, June 19, Mayor Teun Heldens of Heeze-Leende received the certificate that accompanies his new ambassadorship for Brabantsedag.

The newest ambassador experienced Brabantsedag in a unique way in 2023: in the pouring rain, on the driveway of a stranger, he was handed an umbrella, welcomed to Heeze – not yet knowing it would become his new workplace – and enjoyed the theater parade.

The certificate officially confirmed what was already known: Teun Heldens, mayor of Heeze-Leende since February 1, 2024, is now an ambassador for Brabantsedag. In his introduction, he immediately spoke about the importance he places on community spirit. In fact, he mentioned that Brabantsedag was one of the attractive aspects of choosing Heeze-Leende.

The ambassadorship is an honor not granted to just anyone. The criteria: Brabantsedag ambassadors are people with a great love for Brabant, who embrace the soft G dialect, and who have a heartfelt commitment to and promotion of community life.

Mayor Heldens joins the esteemed company of ambassadors such as King's Commissioner Ina Adema, musicians Björn van der Doelen and Gerard van Maasakkers, actor Mike Weerts, and linguist Wim Daniëls.

The certificate was presented by Louise Niesten from the Brabantsedag Marketing & PR working group.

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