Search for Coordinator of Brabantsedag Ambassadors

Do you have a passion for the Brabantsedag? And can you inspire others to feel the same? Then we need your help.

You have a busy day ahead: emailing with the King's Commissioner in Brabant, sending a DM to Gerard van Maasakkers, and helping a member of Parliament promote the Brabantsedag on social media. Thanks to your skills and assistance, our Brabantsedag ambassadors can promote the event on a national level.

The Brabantsedag boasts a wonderful list of ambassadors who support the event wholeheartedly. They visit the Brabantsedag at least once every two years and promote it throughout the year whenever possible. Our website features the list of ambassadors, and you might even be able to add new names to it. You will be the primary contact for the ambassadors and work with them to find ways to promote the Brabantsedag.

So….. if you:

  • are polite and correct,
  • are alert and meticulous,
  • are active on social media,
  • can understand the different ambassadors,
  • and can help the ambassadors to support the Brabantsedag,

then we are looking for you!

As the Coordinator of Brabantsedag Ambassadors (now that's a job title!), you will be part of the Marketing & PR working group. Your role will require about 4 hours per month, with a focus on the summer months.

WHAT DOES IT OFFER? The Brabantsedag is brought to life entirely by volunteers. Team pride, satisfaction, returning visitors, and the big smiles on the last Sunday of August are our 'salary'. If you are active on that day yourself, we will, of course, provide food and drinks.

Additionally, you probably have the best job title of all Brabantsedag volunteers.

APPLY! Is this volunteer position something for you, or do you have questions? Then quickly contact the Brabantsedag Secretariat at info@brabantsedag.nl or 040 226 3139, and mention: vacancy Coordinator Brabantsedag Ambassadors.

Join us and help make the Brabantsedag even bigger and better known!

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