Win Brabantsedag-cake with flag and pennant

In a few weeks' time, it's time for the 61st Brabantsedag The red-white-blocked Brabant flags, group flags and Brabantsedag-pennants make it clear that Brabantsedag is approaching. The now well-known action 'Swing the flag for the Brabantsedag' (in Dutch: Zwaai de Vlag voor de Brabantsedag) rewards the help of the people of Heeze in this.

If you hang the Brabantsedag pennant in combination with a Brabant flag or a group flag in Heeze from Monday 13 to Friday 24 August, you will automatically and daily have a chance to win a delicious Brabantsedag cake from Bakery De Gouden Aar. The winners will be notified personally and will be announced via social media.

Anne Groenewegen of the workgroup Marketing & PR of the Brabantsedag: "The flag has an infectious effect. First there are one or two flags, and suddenly a whole street is filled with flags and pennants. We want to reward the festive atmosphere in Heeze with this action. And as far as we are concerned: the sooner the flags and pennants hang on the facades, the better.

Not yet in possession of a Brabantsedag pennant? This is available for € 8.95 from the secretariat of the Brabantsedag in Dorpshuis 't Perron. Buying a pennant supports Brabantsedag.

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