Children's parade Brabantsedag Heeze sprints forward

Heeze - The young initiative of the Brabant Day Children's Parade is growing with leaps and bounds. The first edition last year counted five groups and a total of around seventy junior participants. This year on Saturday August 18 ten groups are taking part, with almost two hundred children.

On Saturday, August 18, at 7 pm, the junior float builders leave the parking square at the Martinuskerk, through the village to the municipal garden. There, the sixteen float builders’ groups that are preparing for the slamming opening party receive them with applause.

Head of the Children's Parade Frank Ikink is proud that the Children's Parade initiative is so well picked up: "The board of the Brabantsedag Heeze is very proud that the Children's Parade is experiencing such tremendous growth and that the young people are so enthusiastic. Youth has the future; the nearly 200 participants this year prove that.”

The Children's Parade was organised last year for the first time, to invest in the future of Brabantsedag and of the float builders’ profession. In the sixteen float builders groups, children do have a role in construction and play. With their own participation and parade, they can put their own creativity and building skills to work, with or without the help of grown-up colleagues and parents.

Linn, Sofie, Demi, Ravie, Teun and Sjoerd from the B,Z&T youth, the float builders group Blood, Sweat & Tears, are making a time machine this year: "We are with 24 children. The time machine contains all the years of Brabantsedag, and a kind of professor tells more about it.” They love the Children's Parade: "We can also help with the big float, but that's sometimes too dangerous, so to speak. Now we are allowed to do everything ourselves.”

The ten participating groups in starting order of the Children's Parade:

  1. Het Zij Zo Jeugd Budel Dorplein: the foundation of a zinc village.
  2. De Jonge Ambachten The opening of Eindhoven Airport.
  3. B,Z&T From Heeze to Udenhout.
  4. De Waanzinnige Vrienden We see them flying!
  5. Vriendenkring Ietskes Schif Schijndel: a small ode to Antonius Bolsius.
  6. De Rijten Kids The train from Ravenstein to Roosendaal.
  7. Vriendenkring Schenkels Buurman en Buurman design St. Victor in Heeze.
  8. Vriendenkring Haisjô De death wire Baarle-Nassau.
  9. Vriendenkring Hopeloos Child of the devil.
  10. Vriendenkring Van Gaal Vlisco. Made in Helmond, coveted in Africa.
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