62nd Brabantsedag Heeze: Good progress in a warm atmosphere, theatre parade at a high level.

HEEZE - The 62nd Brabantsedag Heeze had a warm and excellent, trouble-free running today. The same number of visitors as last year - about 40,000 guests - enjoyed the full-day programme on the Sfeer&Smaakplein, and of course the largest theatre parade of the year.

According to both the various juries and the visitors, the level of the theatre parade kept pace with the summer temperature: 'Unprecedented high' was a frequently heard and concise summary. The audience did spread out over the course and looked for shade. Unfortunately, the two thousand actors did not have that luxury, which only increases their respect for their top performance. The many and attentive bottles of water provided by the attentive attendants made the two and a half hour continuous theatre performance more bearable for the parade makers.

This is the top three of the general classification:

- The overall winner was Ge Wit 'T Oit Noit Nie, with Storm of Disaster Tourism. What? I have to see that!

- In second place Vriendenkring De Rijten finished with The Happy Entrance: An ego trip through Brabant.

- Blood, Sweat & Tears (B, Z&T) gained the third place with Michelin. The culinary bond with Brabant.

Friends of Ietskes Schif won both the Press Award and the HWV Public Award (from the Heezer Winkeliers Vereniging) with Gevlucht uit Kamp Vught. Escape for freedom.

For the first time in five years, the special Pearl Prize was awarded again to Bouwerij Skôn for their creation Vincent. What moves him? This prize, a special mention, is for an exceptional group performance, construction, representation or use of materials.

The complete results of the theatre parade of the 62nd Brabantsedag can be found on brabantsedag.nl/uitslag

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