63ste Brabantsedag Heeze will be moved again

With pain in the heart, the board of the Brabantsedag foundation has also had to decide not to go ahead with the 63rd Brabantsedag in Heeze this year. The largest theater parade of the year was planned for Sunday, August 29. Although the expectation is that much will be possible at the end of August, the opening plan, which the central government announced on April 13, offers too many uncertainties in the run-up to the parade.

The steps outlined in the opening plan will not take effect until the dates mentioned, at the earliest. These dates bring particular danger to the physical construction process, which would start June 1, 2021, so that it is not possible to responsibly, without compromising the quality that belongs to our event, the Brabantsedag to go through.

This decision by the Brabantsedag foundation has come about after extensive consultation with wagon builders, volunteers and government agencies. The general feeling is that much more will be possible in August, however this is too late for our parade and its preparations.

The opening plan, with possible far-reaching relaxations at the end of August, according to the board does offer opportunities. Therefore, the coming period will be used to see what in that case can be organized in the weekend of August 28-29, 2021. For this purpose, a working group has been established, consisting of board members, volunteers and wagon builders. We express the hope that we may meet then to celebrate the solidarity that belongs to the Brabantsedag.

The theater parade of the 63rd Brabantsedag will again pass through the streets of Heeze on Sunday 28 August 2022.

Board of the Brabantsedag Foundation in Heeze

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